AMANAH HARTANAH BUMIPUTERA (AHB) – RM1 Billion fund launched

AMANAH HARTANAH BUMIPUTERA or in short AHB is a newly launched fund by Pelaburan Hartanah Bhd (PHB), a subsidiary of Yayasan Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera.

The fund is launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and is open to Bumiputera entrepreneurs with an initial investment of only RM500.

Under the Syariah compliant investment scheme, Bumiputeras will indirectly have an opportunity to own equities in major properties. The unit trust will be sold at RM1 a unit.

Some points that you need to know about before investing in AMANAH HARTANAH BUMIPUTERA (AHB) :-

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks to provide Unit Holders with a regular and consistent income stream whilst preserving the Unit Holders’ investment capital

Investment Strategy

The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in the beneficial ownership of real estate in Malaysia from the Sponsor in particular commercial properties including but not limited to office buildings, shopping complexes, commercial centres, logistics and industrial complexes. The Fund will also invest in Shariah-compliant money market instruments and equivalent instruments and hold cash to meet its liquidity requirements

Fund Manager

Mayban Investment Management Sdn. Bhd.

Potential Investors

* Investors who seek capital preservation

* Investors with low risk tolerance

* Investors who wish to benefit from prime commercial property, via rental income.


* Malaysian Bumiputera:

o Akaun Dewasa (18 years and above)

o Akaun Remaja (18 years and above as legal guardian for minors age three (3) months and above but below 18 years. Both legal guardian and minor must be Malaysian Bumiputera)

* Bumiputera institution¹

¹Any Bumiputera institution’s investment in the Fund is only by invitation from the Manager and the Sponsor

Minimum Initial Investment

500 Units

Maximum Investment

Limited to 200,000 Units per Unit Holder

Minimum Additional Investment

100 Units

Minimum Balance of Units

500 Units

Minimum Redemption

500 Units

Frequency of withdrawal

Once in a calendar month


This is an opportunity to all our Bumiputera friends to get hold on some of the high end properties in Malaysia which might cause millions per unit. How good will this fund perform is still unknown but for those looking for other medium of investment, this will be one of it for you to diversify your investment portfolio.

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6 Responses to “AMANAH HARTANAH BUMIPUTERA (AHB) – RM1 Billion fund launched”

  1. salam, saya ada tulis review serba sedikit pasal AHB ni. mungkin anda berminat.

    Mommy Lyna

  2. Lina says:

    saya ingin tahu tentang AHB ini . T.Q

  3. Kampung Boy says:

    @Lina : Apa yang you nak tahu tentang AHB? Saya mungkin boleh tolong sikit sikit.. ^^

  4. Rosenah Ahmad says:

    AHB – What is the interest rate per annum ?

    As a share holder, what kind of risk

    that we are facing and guarantee of our

    full refund if the economy crash !!

  5. Kampung Boy says:

    @Rosenah Ahmad : It still a new fund so currently there is no news on how many % on it’s return. From my point of view, it should be something around 5% to 10%

    There is no guarantee in any investment in the world. Even the fixed deposit is not safe. If the bank go bankrupt, and you are only eligible to get back only 60k Maximum of your fixed deposit only. Anything more then that will be gone. Always remember that there is no such thing as guarantee investment. 😉

  6. zam says:

    bile agknya AHB nak bayar dividen?

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