5 Simple ATM Security Tips

Most of us have ATM cards as it helps us with our banking tasks. There are a few security tips for those ATM card holders.

Behold, the 5 simple ATM security tips for you to follow :-

  • Immediately change your pin number that the bank provide to you and memorize your new pin number
  • Never share or disclose your pin number to anyone including the bank staffs
  • Do not keep your ATM card and pin reference together
  • Do not choose numbers related to your personal details as your pin numbers
  • Do not choose a pin combination which is easy retrieve

Hope these 5 simple steps can help all of you out there in handling your ATM card with more love and care!

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4 Responses to “5 Simple ATM Security Tips”

  1. ChampDog says:

    Report to bank immediately if you lost it. :)

  2. Knowthymoney says:

    Don’t put too much money into your account. Or transfer to a secondary account without an ATM card πŸ˜›

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